Conceptual packaging design

WGD2  did a great job on the packaging project we had may 2013.


This is parts of the brief they got.

The intention of the project is to learn about identity and conceptual design of  products. You are to make a serie of 3 honeys under the motherbrand of Norwegian Honningssentralen. Target group: Home gourmets. The honeys must hold the values: everyday pleasure, easy to use and tradition. After some research most students found that the value tradition was not so important to the target group. The students got the motherbrand logo and a suggestion of the brand hierarchy. The shelf impact of the packaging was important. The students were alto asked to design an additional product that could support the identity of the concept of the honeys.

Here are some very different conceptual solutions to the task.


Solution 1. The Honeyprince. By Heidi Ydse, Martine Strøm and Aleksander Schipper.

Concept: The Honeyprince gives something back to the bee by adding a flowerseed in the pack that can be planted in the jar.

Honningprinsen 1Honningprinsen 2 Honningprinsen 5 Honningprinsen 8 Honningprinsen 9 Honningprinsen 61 Honningprinsen 7



Solution 2. Myte honning, Myth honey. By Katrine Hesselberg, Fredrik Rein Stabenfeldt and Baard Østergaard.

Through centuries and in many different cultures around the world honey has been associated with myths.

Mytehonning 2Mytehonning 5Mytehonning-5Mytehonning-6Mytehonning-7



Solution 3. Smakshonning, a gastronomic experiment. By Marius Sunde, Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads.

Home gourmets like to experiment. Here they get their kit for experimenting with honey.

Smakshonning 1 Smakshonning 2



Solution 4. Naturens Gull, Natures Gold. By Charlotte A. Midthun, Nils E.Hausken, Vincent V. Hasselgård Johansen.

This solution relates strongly to the motherbrand, but still has its own character.

2nd-pres.indd 2nd-pres.indd 2nd-pres.indd



Solution 5. Opplev, Experience. By Kristine Gulheim, Jonas Grytemark, Jørgen Brynhildsvoll.

Focusing on distinctive typography and shelf impact.

Opplev 1 Opplev 3 Opplev 4