Coca Cola Contour bottle design

Coca Colas famous contour bottle turned 100 years in 2015. Artists and designers around the world were challenged to recreate ande reimagine “100 years of happiness”. Students from Westerdals Oslo ACT won the local competition in Norway with a design celebrating 100 years of dancing and dance styles and got their design produced and exhibited both in Oslo and in Atlanta, USA. The winning bottle was created by Anna Ducros, Haider Ahmad and Håvard Langmoen.

AnnaHaiderHavardCola_3D AnnaHaiderHavard6pack0COCA-COLA-3024 0COCA-COLA-3049 0COCA-COLA-3075

We also had some close runners up from Westerdals Oslo ACT.

AndreaKristinaMimmi AndreaKristinaMimmi6pack

This design is celebrating 100 years of clothing styles. It was created by Mimmi Christensen, Kristina Kvåle and Andrea Tjøsvoll.



Why not have a birthday party for the 100-year-old bottle. Design by Elin Parr Ohme, Morten Håvik and Bjørn Martin Saastad.



Growth rings of a tree or a bottle. Design by Sindre Anweiler, Anne Petra Østli and Mads Lien.


Design by Iselin Bergesen, Elise Ismar and Espen Voll Nielsen.