Conceptual honey packaging design

This project explores conceptual packaging designs of honey.

How about giving something back to the bees by creating a plantable label full of flower seeds? Or emphasizing the mythical history of honey by providing stories from old Norse, Greek and Egyptian cultures where honey had symbolic values?

The concepts differentiate the jars of honey from similar products. An important part of this project was also the shelf impact in the stores. The packaging has to “sell itself” to the user, in order to be chosen.

Solution 1. The Honeyprince. By Heidi Ydse, Martine Strøm and Aleksander Schipper.

Concept: The Honeyprince enables the bees to create more honey by adding flower seeds in the label for planting in the honey-jar. This way a circular system is created.

Honningprinsen 1Honningprinsen 2 Honningprinsen 5 Honningprinsen 8 Honningprinsen 9 Honningprinsen 61 Honningprinsen 7

Solution 2. Myte honning, Myth honey. By Katrine Hesselberg, Fredrik Rein Stabenfeldt and Baard Østergaard.

Through centuries in different cultures around the world honey has been associated with myths.

Mytehonning 2Mytehonning 5Mytehonning-5Mytehonning-6Mytehonning-7

Solution 3. Smakshonning, a gastronomic experiment. By Marius Sunde, Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads.

Home gourmets like to experiment. Here they get their a kit for experimenting with honey.

Smakshonning 1 Smakshonning 2

Solution 4. The God of Nature. By Charlotte A. Midthun, Nils E.Hausken, Vincent V. Hasselgård Johansen.

This solution relates strongly to the motherbrand, but still has its own character.

2nd-pres.indd 2nd-pres.indd 2nd-pres.indd

Solution 5. Opplev, Experience. By Kristine Gulheim, Jonas Grytemark, Jørgen Brynhildsvoll.

Focusing on distinctive typography and shelf impact.

Opplev 1 Opplev 3 Opplev 4