Loose Lines Agenda

Arctic Paper, the maker of fine papers for books and creative design needed a cool give-away, an engaging agenda for designers with space both to sketch and to write. The agenda should appeal to designers in all of Europe and hold the values of Arctic Paper; eco-friendly, proximity, demotic and simple.

The students of Westerdals School of Communication, Graphic Design 3 came up with the concept, Loose Lines, a sketchbook with an informative, but small calendar. The different months all start with a neon orange spread with a sketch and the next spread is open and prepared for a new sketch from the owner of the agenda. The agenda will inspire designers to start to doodle. Loose Lines also has a part in the end with grids to make typography.

The agenda is printed on Munken Polar 130 g, the cover is Munken Polar 300 g.

Students involved in the design and making of the agenda has been Daniel Brox Nordmo, Jørgen Brynhildsvoll, Martine Finnøy Hage, Kristine Gulheim, Nicklas Haslestad, Charlotte Hellebostad, Cathrine Kirkerud, Audun Lønning Gjerdi, Guro Nordby Waagene, Fredrik Stabenfeldt and Marius Sunde.

Our always openminded and patient contacts at Arctic Paper has been Erik Bekkelund and Johnny Eng.

Thank you all for a great project.

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