Loose Lines event

The launch of the Loose Lines Agenda and Sketchbook 2014 took place at Grafill. All Grafills members were invited  to come and use the walls as a a huge sketch sheet, have a drink and get their Loose Lines agenda. The doors opened at 6.00 pm, but the queue to get in to get an agenda was long and started much earlier.

The Loose Lines team arranged different areas for sketching on the walls based on the templates from the agenda and there were also areas for sketching on Arctic Papers paper and to solve the visual riddles of the book. The attendants were encouraged to post photos on Instagram to be shown instantly on the big screen behind the DJ.

Students involved in the design and making of the agenda has been Charlotte Hellebostad, Guro Nordby Waagene, Jørgen Brynhildsvoll, Martine Finnøy Hage, Kristine Gulheim, Nicklas Haslestad, Cathrine Kirkerud, Audun Lønning Gjerdi, Daniel Brox Nordmo, Fredrik Stabenfeldt and Marius Sunde.

Responsible at Arctic Paper was Erik Bakkelund and Johnny Eng and Cristina Fjell Engum was in charge at Grafill.

All photos are taken with my telephone.

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