m_rynning | design in society

Discursive design in a Scandinavian biodiversity context

Design activism on the coastal path along the Oslo fjord

Workshop: Transitional scenarios, meetings in liminal space

Participatory design through jewellery prototypes: Scandinavian designers and Zimbabwean village artisans

New Nordic graphic design: the balance between Scandinavian traditional crafting and globalization 3.0

Speculative graphic design: branding as a catalyst for change

Transgressive Graphic Design: Defamiliarisation, human and non-human fusions

Visual Communication and Speculations: designing transitions towards a more sustainable future

Collaborative design project Singapore-Oslo

Graphic Design Speculations: Teaching visual identity for water sustainability within a speculative design framework

Coca Cola Contour bottle design

Font project


Loose Lines event

Loose Lines Agenda

Smoothie bottles chandelier

Conceptual honey packaging design

1. The problem: designing rubbish

2. The students solution

Faces of New York